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By Published On: 7 months ago

Yoo Jun-won did not respond to consideration for withdrawal of 3 billion won lawsuit… “The lawsuit will continue.”

FNC Studio, the management company of the group Fantasy Boys, stated that Yoo Jun-won has remained unresponsive to their mention of dropping the 3 billion won damage compensation lawsuit. They expressed their intention to continue legal action due to the harm caused to the company.

FNC Studio’s legal representative, Attorney Lee Yoon-sang, revealed that despite FNC Studio’s offer for Yoo Jun-won to return until the 6th of this month, there was no response from his side. Consequently, they plan to proceed with the lawsuit since Yoo Jun-won remained unresponsive despite the company’s efforts to reconcile.

Earlier, Yoo Jun-won, who debuted as the winner on MBC’s “Boy Fantasy-After School Heart-throb Season 2,” consistently made unfair demands differentiating himself from other members regarding profit distribution, costumes, and more. He did not join Fantasy Boys formally before their official debut and also filed for an injunction against the effectiveness of an exclusive contract with FNC Studio.

In response, FNC Studio filed a 3 billion won damage compensation lawsuit against Yoo Jun-won. The court ruled in favor of FNC Studio, rejecting Yoo Jun-won’s request for a provisional injunction against the effectiveness of the exclusive contract on November 24. The court found it difficult to determine that FNC Studio made unreasonable demands or damaged trust based on the materials submitted so far. Consequently, Yoo Jun-won has to bear all the legal costs and the opposing party’s attorney fees.

Following this, FNC Studio expressed that if Yoo Jun-won officially apologizes, shows an active attitude toward his activities, they are willing to consider welcoming him back as a member of Fantasy Boys. They requested a response until midnight on the 7th of this month.

Since there was no response from Yoo Jun-won, it is anticipated that the legal dispute will continue. While a trial date has not been set, it is expected to proceed by the end of this year. If a court decision is confirmed, it may influence the judgments of organizations such as the Korean Entertainment Management Association. An official from the Korean Entertainment Management Association’s disciplinary ethics committee stated that if unauthorized departure is confirmed, a disciplinary committee could be convened, leading to conclusions such as suspending the artist’s activities, and further cooperation with other relevant organizations for stronger measures.