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By Published On: 2 weeks ago

‘All Members from South America’ BlingOne Debuts as K-Pop Girl Group

BlingOne, the first-ever K-Pop girl group with all members hailing from Peru, has officially debuted after being selected through the global K-Pop audition ‘Click the Star’ Peru season. Their debut stage was recorded for the ENA channel’s ‘K-Pop Up Chart Show’ on June 26, where they performed their debut song ‘Kiss & Call.’ Prior to their debut stage, a showcase and press conference were held at the World K-Pop Center, attended by South American ambassadors to Korea and international journalists.

‘Click the Star’ is a global K-Pop audition project led by the World K-Pop Center, aiming to nurture 32 K-Pop girl groups from 32 different countries. Since last year, representatives from various countries have been selected to participate in this project, which collaborates with the ‘MyOnePick’ global platform and local broadcasters and influencers. The Peru season saw around 5,000 applicants, with BlingOne emerging as the first K-Pop girl group composed entirely of Peruvian members.

BlingOne’s debut represents a significant milestone in the diversification of K-Pop, traditionally dominated by Asian members. This development has garnered considerable attention from South American media outlets, including Panamericana TV, highlighting the potential for K-Pop to expand into new regions like South America.

The World K-Pop Center has reported a high level of interest from other South American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia, requesting future auditions. The center envisions BlingOne’s debut as a blueprint for establishing K-Pop education infrastructure worldwide, allowing for the creation of unique K-Pop idol groups that reflect local cultures and characteristics. They plan to hold regional debut concerts and world tours to further establish K-Pop as a truly global music genre.

BlingOne, consisting of members Abigail, Kenny, and Ruby, gained a significant fanbase in Peru through the audition process. Their journey from local auditions to their systematic K-Pop training in Korea will be documented and aired as a program on domestic platforms and major Peruvian broadcasters.

BlingOne’s debut digital single ‘Kiss & Call’ will be released on June 27 at noon, and their debut performance on the ‘K-Pop Up Chart Show’ will air on July 12 at 6:30 PM on the ENA channel.