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By Published On: 7 months ago

Yoo Ah-in Acknowledges Marijuana Use but Disputes Other Charges in Drug Trial

The trial for actor Yoo Ah-in (37, real name: Um Hong-sik), indicted on charges of habitual drug use, commenced with Yoo admitting to marijuana smoking but disputing other charges as either different or exaggerated. Yoo’s defense stated that while they acknowledged marijuana use, they contested charges related to drug facilitation, evidence tampering, drug assistance, criminal escape, and intimidation. Yoo expressed regrets to the public before the trial and promised to sincerely clarify matters during the legal process. The actor’s legal team hinted at discrepancies in the charges, particularly related to propofol, suggesting a thorough review of facts and legal principles. In response to inquiries about his profession, Yoo simply stated “actor” and refrained from elaborating. The trial commenced after Yoo’s brief statement, and he later exited the courtroom without responding to questions about his legal team. The prosecution had indicted Yoo Ah-in on October 19 on charges of propofol habitual use, illegal acquisition of prescription sleep aids under someone else’s name, marijuana smoking, and assisting, intimidating, and escaping related to drugs, comprising eight charges in total.