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By Published On: 8 months ago

YG’s TREASURE Faces Criticism for Excluding Dokdo Island from Their Map Amid Concerns about Appeasing Japan

As YG Entertainment’s group TREASURE announced their upcoming Japan tour, they have faced criticism for not including Dokdo Island on their map.

On October 1st, TREASURE revealed the schedule for their Japanese tour, titled “REBOOT,” during a fan meeting held in Japan.

TREASURE is scheduled to perform across Japan from January 6th next year in Fukuoka until February 2024.

Shortly after the announcement, TREASURE received criticism. On the map in question, Jeju Island and Ulleungdo Island were clearly marked, along with several smaller Japanese islands such as Tsushima Island. However, Dokdo Island was conspicuously absent from the map, drawing significant attention.

The absence of Dokdo Island on the map raised concerns, as Japan consistently refers to Dokdo as Takeshima and claims it as part of its territory. Given this ongoing territorial dispute, it is unlikely that the omission of Dokdo was a mere oversight. Japan even designates a “Takeshima Day” to commemorate its claim and promotes incorrect education about Dokdo to its youth. Therefore, the situation necessitates a proactive stance regarding Dokdo Island.

Above all, attention is focused on whether YG Entertainment intentionally made this choice to attract Japanese fans, raising questions about the entertainment company’s position on the matter.