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By Published On: 6 months ago

YG’s New Girl Group BABYMONS7ER’s Debut in September Finally Shelved

YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONS7ER’s planned debut in September has ultimately been canceled.

BABYMONS7ER was highly anticipated as YG’s first girl group announcement in about seven years following BLACKPINK’s debut. BLACKPINK, their senior artists, have become a global powerhouse in the music industry, leading K-pop worldwide. YG Entertainment had been aggressively promoting their debut, including the release of performance videos and a debut reality show, making BABYMONS7ER one of the most anticipated rookie groups of 2023.

In May, YG’s head, Yang Hyun-suk, had personally announced the debut of the 7-member girl group through their official channel, even amidst attending a trial for alleged retaliation and threats. BABYMONS7ER comprised members from different countries, including Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Laura), Thailand (Parita, Chikita), and Japan (Luka, Asa). Their multicultural composition, along with systematic training that included learning Korean, English, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese, showcased their diverse appeal, targeting the global market from the start.

Even before their debut, BABYMONS7ER achieved substantial attention. They rapidly gained over 2 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel, making them the fastest among K-pop girl groups to reach that milestone. Their combined video views surpassed 400 million in just 127 days, creating significant buzz. Major foreign media outlets, including Billboard and UK’s NME, highlighted BABYMONS7ER, expressing high expectations that they would bring a new wave to the K-pop genre.

However, as of now, the atmosphere surrounding their September debut has grown uncertain. Within YG, the prevailing expectation had been that they would debut in September at the latest, but the situation seems to have moved subtly toward a state of “no news.” As we approach the end of September, there is no promotional schedule in place for BABYMONS7ER’s debut.

Even the composition of BABYMONS7ER’s lineup had its share of twists and turns. Initially, they had announced a 5-member group but received various opinions from fans. Ultimately, they decided to include Laura Asa, who had previously been excluded, solidifying the group as a 7-member ensemble.

At the time, producer Yang Hyun-suk stated, “There were so many fans who wanted to see the debut of all 7 members. YG’s fans are what I consider the true YG family. We’ll be taking all 7 members. Please consider Laura and Asa as members chosen by YG’s fans.” He also added, “Although it’s just an estimate, it doesn’t seem like the debut will go beyond this autumn.”

While Yang Hyun-suk had already set September as the debut timeline and focused on selecting the final members of BABYMONS7ER even before his acquittal in the first trial for alleged retaliation and threats, the trial is not entirely concluded yet. Nevertheless, it appears that Yang Hyun-suk is determined to accelerate his return to the entertainment industry in the near future.