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By Published On: 5 months ago

 WJSN’s Dayoung exuded vibrant energy as she took on the role of a “Work-dol” (work idol).

On the 9th, in an episode released on the YouTube channel “Workman,” Dayoung of WJSN made a special appearance as the MC and showcased various activities with her lively energy.

Sitting in an excavator, Dayoung made a dynamic entrance, showcasing impressive handling skills and remarkable power, vividly opening the door to the “Work-dol” opening. In reality, Dayoung completed two days of theory and practical training herself for a daily part-time job as an excavator operator, even obtaining a license for operating construction machinery (under 3 tons).

In addition to smoothly navigating the slope with the excavator, considered the highest level of difficulty, Dayoung succeeded in exchanging the bucket, proving her skills. Her confident appearance brought a positive energy to the site.

Next, Dayoung joined seniors on a 1200-square-meter farm. She tackled various unfamiliar and challenging tasks with ease, including moving compost, making fields, planting green onions, and digging channels, spreading a pleasant energy to the viewers. Impressed by Dayoung’s skilled hands, excavator proficiency, and enthusiastic attitude, both the farm owner and the seniors praised her, saying, “You’re really good. You’ve earned your meal.”

After challenging the role of an excavator operator for a day, Dayoung expressed her satisfaction with the job, stating, “There weren’t many difficulties, even for a woman. It seems suitable for an idol preparing for the future.” Responding to the production team’s statement, “The first-ever global excavator ambassador for an idol,” she threw herself into a virtual interview and responded with various ending poses, bringing cheerful laughter on the spot.

Meanwhile, Dayoung is actively participating in entertainment programs and operating her personal YouTube channel, ‘임조잘,’ communicating diversely with her fans.