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By Published On: 9 months ago

Why Did Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ Disappear from a Specific SNS?

BTS’s Jungkook’s “Seven” has suddenly vanished from the social media platform Instagram’s audio feature.

Jungkook’s “Seven,” available in both Clean and Explicit versions, which has been making waves globally and setting records on charts, disappeared from Instagram’s audio section on the 18th.

Until recently, searching for Jungkook on Instagram or searching for the song title would display “Seven (feat. Latto) Clean version” with 895,000 posts and “Explicit version” with 161,000 posts, indicating a surge in popularity. However, starting from the 18th, “Seven” disappeared abruptly. Currently, it is not accessible through searches, links, or bookmarks.

Fans speculate that this issue is not simply a search problem but rather that the original audio itself has been removed from Instagram. Even users who bookmarked the Instagram audio for “Seven” find that it no longer exists when clicked.

Furthermore, in search results for the Korean term “정국” (Jungkook), there are no traces of Jungkook’s official music, suggesting that this issue may have originated from an error on Instagram’s Korean side.

“Seven” by Jungkook gained massive popularity on Instagram Reels, driving its success and attracting new listeners. However, due to this sudden disappearance from Instagram and inability to utilize it in short-form videos like Reels, its upward trend is stalling.

Currently, only the “Seven Remix” version exists on Instagram’s Reels, and the challenges associated with it have been halted since the removal of the audio. In light of these unexpected events, fans worldwide are urging both the agency and Instagram’s customer support to rectify the issue.

As of the 20th, which marks the third day of this ongoing issue, Big Hit Music, Jungkook’s agency, and Geffen Records, the record label, have not provided any feedback, fueling fans’ dissatisfaction.

Some discussions speculate that this might be retaliatory action against Jungkook, who recently created an official TikTok account and possibly deleted his Instagram account as a result.

Jungkook’s “Seven” has gained significant popularity across platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and as it continues to dominate, it has also climbed to the top spot on Spotify’s weekly chart for five consecutive weeks, making its mark even among the general public.