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By Published On: July 13th, 2023

Uncertainty Surrounds BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Re-signing with YG Entertainment…3 Members Proceeding Smoothly

There is a high possibility that BLACKPINK member Lisa may leave YG Entertainment (YG) as her exclusive contract is set to expire in August.

Lisa has been in discussions with YG regarding a re-signing agreement, but they have been unable to reach a consensus. While YG hopes for a dramatic resolution before the contract expiration, it has been revealed that there is a significant difference in the positions of both sides.

Speculation about Lisa’s potential departure from YG was initially raised by a Chinese source. An anonymous Chinese agency stated to the media on the 11th, “We have been coordinating Lisa’s schedule with YG and exploring her availability for appearances. However, recently we were informed that it is difficult to coordinate schedules after August due to the uncertainty of Lisa’s re-signing with YG.”

When asked for confirmation, YG responded on the 12th, “It is due to tour and personal schedules and is unrelated to the (re)contracting process.” While they did not provide a clear statement regarding the re-signing, they acknowledged that Lisa’s schedule with the Chinese side has been sorted out recently.

In summary, separate from the negotiations with Lisa, YG is relatively smoothly proceeding with the re-signing process for the remaining three BLACKPINK members. An industry insider stated, “They have narrowed their differences and have determined the direction to proceed together after the re-signing.”

The future activities of BLACKPINK will likely be determined once the official announcement regarding their re-signing is made. Whether Lisa continues her activities as a member of BLACKPINK after the potential failure to re-sign with YG will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the group’s direction moving forward.