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By Published On: 9 months ago

Travis Scott’s new song “K-POP” is causing controversy among fans.

Released on the 21st, “K-POP” is a collaboration between American hip-hop artist Travis Scott, R&B singer The Weeknd, and Latin artist Bad Bunny.

When the title of the song was revealed, there were speculations that it might contain references to KPOP. However, the actual song does not contain any content related to KPOP.

Sony Music Korea stated, “We have not received any indication that this song is related to KPOP or Korea.”

Nevertheless, some netizens pointed out that the song mentions “she Korean” in the lyrics and contains suggestive content related to drugs and sexual relations. Due to this, some have raised the opinion that it indirectly disrespects KPOP and might be a form of noise marketing using KPOP.

On the other hand, there are also opinions that Travis Scott, being a hip-hop artist, and The Weeknd, who has incorporated dark themes like drugs into his music before, might be using wordplay and that interpreting it as a direct insult to KPOP is an exaggeration.