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By Published On: 7 months ago

Top star “L” was actor Lee Sun-kyun

Top star “L” is under investigation for drug-related allegations, according to actor Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, which is currently verifying the facts of the matter. The agency also announced that they will fully cooperate with any investigations conducted by law enforcement. Additionally, it was revealed that individuals related to the case have been continuously threatening Lee Sun-kyun.

On the 20th, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency, Hodu&U Entertainment, stated, “We are currently verifying the accuracy of the allegations made against Lee Sun-kyun, and we will cooperate truthfully with any investigations that may be carried out by law enforcement agencies.”

Earlier on the 19th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit announced that they were investigating Lee Sun-kyun and eight others on charges of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, revealing that they had received intelligence about Lee Sun-kyun during their investigation of nightlife establishments in Gangnam, Seoul. Additionally, Gyeonggi Ilbo, which initially reported on the case, followed up with a report that Lee Sun-kyun had allegedly paid around 300 million KRW to a drug supplier.

Regarding these allegations, Lee Sun-kyun’s agency explained, “Lee Sun-kyun has been subject to continuous defamation and threats from individual ‘A’ related to this case. As a result, he has submitted a criminal complaint to law enforcement agencies.” The agency also added, “If false information or malicious content is disseminated, we will respond strongly.”

As of now, Lee Sun-kyun has not been directly investigated by the police in connection with the drug allegations.

With this revelation of Lee Sun-kyun’s involvement in a drug-related investigation, his scheduled appearances in various projects have been impacted. Originally, he was set to begin filming for the drama ‘No Way Out’ on the 20th. ‘No Way Out’ is a mystery thriller drama that deals with a deadly game that unfolds after a notorious criminal is released from prison, with a 20 billion KRW bounty at stake, as it pits those who want to “kill” against those who want to “survive.” Directed by Choi Kook-hee, known for films like ‘Default’ and ‘Life Is Beautiful,’ the drama stars Lee Sun-kyun, along with Yoo Jae-myung, Kim Moo-yeol, Lee Kwang-soo, and others. LG U+ Content Studio STUDIO X+U co-produces the project. The 2nd round of filming for ‘No Way Out’ had begun, with major cast members, including Lee Sun-kyun, planning to join the shoot starting on that day. However, due to the controversy surrounding Lee Sun-kyun, filming had to be inevitably delayed.

The production company is closely monitoring the situation and considering various options, including the replacement of the actor, depending on the verification of the facts.

Lee Sun-kyun’s upcoming movie ‘Escape: Project Silence,’ originally aimed for a winter release, is now facing potential delays. The film ‘Escape: Project Silence’ was set to be released next year, considering market conditions and more. Furthermore, ‘The Country of Happiness,’ in which Lee Sun-kyun stars alongside Cho Jung-seok, has finished all filming and was in the process of coordinating the release schedule. Both films are likely to experience significant disruptions in their release plans.

Both sides are waiting for the verification of the truth of Lee Sun-kyun’s drug allegations, and they are preparing to respond accordingly.

Lee Sun-kyun, who was the lead actor in the Apple+ series ‘Dr. Brain,’ is not expected to be directly affected by the recent incident since season 2 has not yet been launched.