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By Published On: April 11th, 2023

The problem of low birth rates in Korea and how it is affecting the K-pop industry.

The total fertility rate in Korea is currently at 0.78, the lowest it has been since 1970, and the number of births has decreased as well. As a result, the number of potential K-pop idols has decreased, making it difficult for entertainment companies to find talent. The problem has become so severe that some companies have turned to casting overseas to find trainees.

The article quotes industry insiders who say that it has become increasingly difficult to find trainees in Korea, and some companies are having trouble finding male trainees in particular. The shortage of young labor is expected to become more severe in the future, and it is predicted that it will have an impact on the K-pop industry.

To address the issue of a shortage of trainees, some K-pop companies are turning to casting overseas to find talent. This is not just limited to countries with large fan bases for K-pop, but also includes countries that have not been traditionally considered as a source of K-pop talent.