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By Published On: April 30th, 2023

The movie “The Outlaws 3” has officially confirmed its release on May 31st, unveiling its teaser poster and trailer.

“The Outlaws 3” tells the story of the irreparable monster detective, Ma Suk-do (played by Ma Dong-seok), who moves to Seoul’s Gwangsu Street and carries out an exciting crime crackdown operation to catch the behind-the-scenes culprit of the new drug crime incident, Joo Sung-chul (played by Lee Joon-hyuk), and another villain Ricky (played by Aoki Munetaka), who is involved in the drug case.

After the success of last year’s top-grossing film “The Outlaws 2” during the COVID-19 pandemic, “The Outlaws 3” is expected to inject vitality into the Korean film industry and theaters. The teaser poster released at the same time as the release date confirmation captures the cool and exhilarating action of Ma Suk-do, the monster detective who moves to Gwangsu Street.

The poster, with the tagline “Blow away the stress,” promises to showcase the cool action of the monster detective in a bigger playing field after his department transfer, creating even more anticipation for the upcoming film.

The teaser trailer, with the statement “No more explanation needed,” features Ma Dong-seok’s signature fist-fighting scenes and captures the attention of the audience. The trailer also highlights the dramatic introduction of the new villain, Joo Sung-chul, played by Lee Joon-hyuk, who appears with a fierce line “You stole drugs from the police?” and a ruthless grip on the opponent’s face. The trailer ends with the announcement of another villain, Ricky (played by Aoki Munetaka), whose appearance remains a mystery, creating even more curiosity and excitement for the upcoming movie.