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By Published On: 6 months ago

Tears Emerge at the Solo Debut of Chuu, the Symbol of Brightness

Chuu, known as the symbol of brightness from LOONA, has released her first solo album, which feels somewhat unfamiliar compared to her cheerful and joyful appearances on variety shows.

On October 18, Chuu held her first solo album “Howl” showcase at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. She expressed her desire to show a different side of herself as an artist, as she is predominantly known for her bubbly personality on television. She aimed to showcase her unique voice in this album.

The album tells the story of two people who have been hurt but become small heroes for each other in their own little worlds, healing each other. Chuu incorporated her unique and charming voice into the album, solidifying her identity and musical style. The album contains five tracks, including the title song of the same name, “Howl.” The music video, shot in Portugal, depicts a girl who meets a monster, representing another aspect of herself, and grows through self-discovery.

The title track’s message revolves around healing and comfort. Chuu explained that she, too, needed some comfort, and when she encountered this song, it felt unfamiliar yet somehow resonated. The difficult moments she faced while expressing the title track became stepping stones, providing her with the courage to overcome those moments.

In a music industry filled with solo artists emerging from groups, Chuu recognizes the challenge of standing out with a unique appeal. She expressed her desire to become a singer with a broad spectrum and the ability to convey messages, focusing on her growth as a vocalist.

Chuu previously faced contract disputes with her former agency, Blockberry Creative. She expressed her regret about the issues that became an unwanted subject and thanked her fans who supported her during that time. She mentioned her commitment to making the album with faith and self-assurance.

Her goal with this album is to provide a fresh perspective and maintain a long presence on music charts. Chuu’s solo debut marks a significant departure from her well-known, bright image.