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By Published On: March 11th, 2023

Targeting The Charts… H1-KEY, tripleS, FIFTY FIFTY

Last January, the rookie group H1-KEY debuted with songs like “Athletic Girl” and “Run” that focused on a healthy, active lifestyle. While their previous albums emphasized visuals over music and did not achieve great success, their first mini-album “Rose Blossom,” released in January of this year, made a big impact.

The title track “Rose Blossom” is a song with a catchy melody and beautiful lyrics that provide comfort. It has been recognized as a representative example of a song that has climbed the charts through word of mouth. Although it initially did not enter the music charts upon release, it gradually gained popularity and, after two months, achieved great success by reaching the top 100 of the MelOn daily charts. Its ranking continued to rise, and as of the 6th of this month, it was ranked 32nd on the MelOn daily chart.

tripleS is a group that is showing a similar trend to H1-KEY. The first idol group from MODHAUS, tripleS is a fan-participatory group that ultimately plans to debut a total of 24 members by regularly introducing new members.

FIFTY FIFTY is also one of the groups gaining attention for their music. Debuting in November of last year under their agency Attrakt, Fifty Fifty consists of members Aran, who has a cozy voice reminiscent of Baek Yerin, Sio with a clear and distinct tone, Kina with strong rap skills, and Saena. They have gradually been attracting attention from the public and critics alike. The title track of their debut album, “Higher,” and the song “Loving You” gained some attention through word of mouth, and their new single “Cupid,” released on the 24th of last month, solidified their reputation as “a team you know won’t put out a bad song.”

What these three groups have in common is their easy-to-listen music. Their music is reminiscent of 2000s music with its simple melodies that flow naturally like water. The members’ stable vocal skills also combine to create an ear-catching sound without tiring the listeners.