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By Published On: 8 months ago

Student-Parent Human Rights Group to Appeal After ‘No Charges’ Decision in Hwasa’s Obscenity Case

The Student-Parent Human Rights Group (SPHRG), which had accused MAMAMOO’s Hwasa of public obscenity, has announced on the 4th that they will appeal the decision of no charges in the case.

An SPHRG representative stated to Ten Asia, “There is no change in the fact that the actions described under Article 245 of the Criminal Code, which specifies acts of obscenity, still hold true. We disagree with the decision and want to request further investigation and judgment from higher authorities.”

SPHRG also emphasized the importance of this case as a legal precedent regarding whether similar acts can be depicted in public places such as entertainment TV programs or university festivals. They argued, “Performing acts that evoke sexual behavior and emphasize perversion is clearly a violation of the obscenity law.”

Furthermore, they pointed out, “The public was shocked and felt embarrassed by Hwasa’s actions, but the performer cannot be considered a victim,” suggesting that Hwasa portraying herself as a victim is inappropriate. SPHRG commented, “(Rather than portraying herself as a victim), she needs to reflect on her actions and exercise restraint.”

Previously, the Sungdong Police Station announced that they had decided not to press charges against Hwasa in the obscenity case reported by SPHRG. The police explained, “We summoned Hwasa as a complainant and investigated the content and process of the performance, as well as the statements of those involved. We found it difficult to acknowledge criminal charges based on the available evidence.”

Hwasa had performed her solo song “Twit” at Sungkyunkwan University’s festival stage on May 12th, where she stirred controversy by suggestive actions such as touching her tongue with her fingers and wiping her body’s sensitive areas during the performance.

Recently, Hwasa faced another controversy when she appeared on the entertainment program “Ask Us Anything” wearing a school uniform “crop top” and performing provocative dance moves, raising concerns that she was sexualizing the school uniform. Some in the entertainment industry have compared Hwasa’s performances to that of “Cardi B,” known for explicit stage performances in Hollywood.