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By Published On: 8 months ago

Street Woman Fighter 2 Hits Big: Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube

Mnet is leading the global dance sensation, going beyond K-pop. “Street Woman Fighter 2,” the center of attention, has not only dominated domestic viewership and buzz rankings but is also garnering significant interest both domestically and internationally.

“Street Woman Fighter 2” (abbreviated as “SWF2”) attracted attention from the start. It declared a global dance war, recruited top Korean dancers, and world-renowned dance crews JAM REPUBLIC and TSUBAKILL, raising the stakes in the dance survival competition. The eight crews, each emphasizing their individuality through choreography, battles, hip-hop, and various genres, achieved an impressive rating of up to 4.7% in the “SWF2” battle rounds, setting new records each week (AGB Nielsen, metropolitan paid households).

The global response has been remarkable as well. Even before the first broadcast, “SWF2” was sold to leading global platforms such as PCCW Viu, LINE TV, and iQIYI, currently available in various countries and regions worldwide, including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Oceania, and more. Notably, in Taiwan, which has shown the fastest response, it achieved 1st place in the overall entertainment ranking in just the second episode (LINE TV, OTT global entertainment).

The accumulated YouTube views from users worldwide exceeded 100 million views in just two weeks since its broadcast. Furthermore, on the 9th day, it surpassed 150 million views and is still on a steady upward trajectory, approaching 200 million views.

The leader-level mission performance video reached 1 million views within half a day of release and quickly rose to the top of the trending videos within a day. The upcoming “K-POP Death Match Mission” videos, scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow (12th), have already surpassed 25 million views. The skills and charm of the dancers are captivating the global audience, comparable to K-pop idols. Moreover, with the participation of NCT, RIIZE, and other idols, along with the ongoing “SWF2” music challenge by global fandoms, it is expected to gain even more popularity.

In the midst of this, the appearances of global crew leaders Kristin (JAM REPUBLIC) and Akanan (TSUBAKILL) are once again in the spotlight. Both Kristin and Akanan are already prominent figures in the global dance scene and continue to draw attention in Korea.

Even before the first broadcast, both of them expressed strong determination and commitment to expanding the dance scene and providing opportunities for dancers. Since the success of Season 1 of “SWF,” it has become natural for dancers in South Korea to appear on various entertainment shows and gain increased attention. However, they pointed out that it’s not the same on a global scale.

Kristin mentioned, “I find the idea of giving significant opportunities to female dancers attractive,” and stated, “We are working hard to show ourselves internationally and as female dancers, how we can contribute.” Akanan also shared, “In Japan, there are no shows focusing on dancers. I was greatly surprised when I saw Season 1 dancers appearing alongside artists,” and said, “I hope ‘SWF2’ can be an opportunity to introduce Japanese dancers and their strengths to the world.”

Youngchan Kwon, the producer, expressed, “I am often amazed at the passion and skills of dancers who spare no effort for their performances. The goal is for all crews, including global dancers, to achieve satisfying results in ‘SWF2’,” and added, “To create a stage that will bring more attention to dancers, I will continue to work hard. I hope you have high expectations for the K-POP Death Match Mission, which all participants prepared for at the risk of their lives.”

Mnet’s “SWF2” is approaching its 4th episode, which will mark the first elimination of crews. All eight crews have captured the attention of global viewers with their artistic and passionate performances. The question of which crew will showcase their individuality and charm to the world until the end is drawing keen interest.