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By Published On: April 30th, 2023

Song Ji-hyo’s side admits conflict with agency “Actress has been enduring for 20 years…has endured a lot”

According to an article from TV Report, Song Ji-hyo recently notified her agency, UZUROCKS, of the termination of her exclusive contract after only six months. She is currently preparing for legal disputes related to outstanding payments.

On the 25th, Song Ji-hyo’s side stated, “Song Ji-hyo has been active as an actress for 20 years. Would she make this decision without careful consideration? This is my first experience with a situation like this. Although we cannot provide detailed explanations, we can say that this decision was made after enduring a lot of difficulties.”

UZUROCKS was previously embroiled in controversy over delayed payments, but they denied the allegations. On the 5th, UZUROCKSstated that “all payments have been made” in response to the allegations. They also added that there were problems in some of their business areas, but there were no problems in the entertainment department.

However, less than a month later, Song Ji-hyo notified UZUROCKS of the termination of her exclusive contract due to unpaid payments. UZUROCKS acknowledged that they did not pay the outstanding payments. They apologized for not paying attention to important details related to their actors due to the rapid expansion of the entertainment department.

In an official statement, UZUROCKS said, “We apologize for not paying enough attention to the important details related to our actors due to the rapid expansion of our entertainment department in the early stages of the company’s development. Although we haven’t been together for a long time, we have come together based on trust. We deeply appreciate Song Ji-hyo’s dedication.”