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By Published On: 7 months ago

Singer Nam Tae-hyun (29) attended a parliamentary audit

Singer Nam Tae-hyun (29) attended a parliamentary audit and added his personal story to his voice for supporting drug addicts’ rehabilitation centers. He stated that society’s lax attitude towards drugs has made them more accessible, leading to an increasing number of people addicted to drugs. Nam Tae-hyun emphasized the need for more recovery options for drug addicts and acknowledged that those who have made wrong choices, like himself, should be punished without any excuses. He expressed his deep remorse, admitting that he had lived a flawed life, and pledged to face the consequences of his actions sincerely. Nam Tae-hyun also stressed the importance of rehabilitation and treatment, especially in the current situation where drug-related issues have become serious. He promised to contribute to drug prevention efforts if possible and live with a lifetime of reflection. Previously, Nam Tae-hyun attended a parliamentary audit on October 12th in Seoul, where he highlighted the importance of community support in helping drug addicts break free from addiction and called for national support for rehabilitation centers.