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By Published On: 8 months ago

SF9’s Rowoon Departs from the Group… Focuses on Individual Activities, SF9 Continues as an 8-Member Team

FNC Entertainment, the agency representing SF9, announced on the 18th the news of SF9’s re-signing and Rowoon’s departure.

FNC stated, “SF9, who has been active as artists for the past 7 years since their debut in 2016, marked the end of their first contract on September 18th.” They added, “All the other members have already re-signed with our agency, and SF9 will embark on a new journey as an 8-member group, excluding Rowoon.”

Regarding Rowoon’s future activities, it was mentioned, “Rowoon will focus on personal activities, including acting.”

They also promised, “Although their paths may diverge in terms of activities, Rowoon, who will always remain as SF9’s 9th member, and the other eight members will support each other and do their best on their respective paths to show their fans the best of themselves.”

In conclusion, they expressed their gratitude, saying, “We ask for your continued interest and support for SF9 and Rowoon in the future.”