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By Published On: April 11th, 2023

Securing drug accomplice Yoo Ah-in, the largest variable in the second brought by the police.

As police investigate actor Yoo Ah-in on suspicion of using four different types of drugs, attention is being drawn to the accomplice who has been identified, and how this will affect the investigation in the future.

At a regular meeting held on the 10th, a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency official stated, “There are areas that need to be strengthened before the second round of questioning of Yoo Ah-in. We also need to investigate some parts related to the accomplice, and after the supplementary investigation is completed, we will proceed with the second round of questioning.”

The police drew attention to the accomplice on this day. It has been caught that Yoo Ah-in used drugs with other accomplices. After the supplementary investigation is completed, it is expected that Yoo Ah-in will be summoned for questioning.

The timing of Yoo Ah-in’s additional questioning has not been revealed.

So to answer question, it seems that the police are planning to conduct a second round of questioning with Yoo Ah-in, and they are also investigating his accomplice. The outcome of the investigation of the accomplice may affect the questioning of Yoo Ah-in. However, the exact timing of Yoo Ah-in’s second round of questioning has not been disclosed.