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By Published On: 6 months ago

SBS program ‘Universe Ticket’ on the SBS NOW YouTube channel on the 16th at 2 PM.

The global journey of individuals aspiring to realize their K-pop girl group dreams has commenced with the online announcement event for the SBS program ‘Universe Ticket’ on the SBS NOW YouTube channel on the 16th at 2 PM. The event included PD Lee Hwan-jin, PD Yoo Hwa, and guests Yoonha, Hyoyeon, Kim Sejeong, Rian, and Adora.

‘Universe Ticket’ is SBS’s first girl group audition program, following its success with shows like ‘K-pop Star,’ ‘The Fan,’ and ‘LOUD.’ Girls from 128 countries, including Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, and Thailand, will participate, with 82 reaching the finals, and 8 members selected for debut.

PD Lee Hwan-jin remarked, “This program is a concept we discussed with F&F Entertainment’s CEO a few years ago. It’s like a declaration. The number of girls in the finals is 82, which is also Korea’s country code. Just as you have to go to Hollywood for movies, if you want to do K-pop, you have to come to Korea. It’s an obvious statement, but this program starts from the premise that the center of K-pop is Korea, and it begins in Seoul.”

He further expressed that it would be interesting to see individuals from different worlds sharing the same dream, providing them with an opportunity to chase their dream ticket. PD Yoo Hwa revealed that many former girl group members applied, saying, “Since ‘Universe Ticket’ is about selecting a global girl group, many former girl group members have applied.”

Regarding participants, she added, “Among the pre-released videos, Kwon Chaewon, a former member of DIA, stands out. When she debuted, she was the maknae (youngest), and now she’s the eldest among the 82 participants. I hope you watch her transformation. Another noteworthy participant is Lim Seowon, well-known through YouTube. I believe her appearance in a group will be different, and that aspect is worth watching.”

As for the debut group’s future activities, PD Lee Hwan-jin stated, “If they get the chance to debut, they will receive top-notch global training supported by F&F Entertainment. At this point, it might be the group receiving the most support and investment.”

In conclusion, Kim Sejeong shared, “In the entertainment industry, not everyone who works hard shines. However, ‘Universe Ticket’ might be the only place where those efforts are recognized. I hope participants believe that their efforts will be rewarded, and viewers can watch with supportive hearts.”

‘Universe Ticket’ will premiere on the 18th at 6:05 PM.