Not only Bravegirls fan Fearless but also KPOP fans falling down her.

god, I’ll only listen to this song from today… Really.. Really.. I like it T.T
Every time I hear Eunji’s voice, my mind goes heaven haha
Happy to listen the song and melting down… It’s about to explode… I love you😍❤

Eunji’s first cover song As much as I expected, it was a really healing time.

Lovely voice. My fav song covered by my bias🥰. Waiting for this version in spotify🙂 Happy Eunji day fellow hongshi😘

Fantasy Boys will broadcast on March 23rd
MBC and Funky Studio which is production company said, “Fantasy Boys” has confirmed its first broadcast on Thursday, March 23rd at 10pm. ‘Fantasy Boys’ is an idol survival project for the birth of a global boy group. Previously, teasers of attractive contestants were released, raising the expectations of global K-pop fans.

On the 16th, Hive announced story about SM Entertainment shareholder proposal.

This shareholder proposal was made through former SM Entertainment general producer Lee Soo-man, who signed a stock transfer agreement (SPA) with Hive on the 9th.

Former general producer Lee Soo-man decided to delegate full authority over shareholder proposals to Hive through the signing of a stock transfer contract.

Many celebrities, including the hosts of popular radio show “SBS CulTwo” were all about the 2nd season of a popular drama “Taxi Driver”. A still cut from the show was released, where the lead actor Lee Je-hoon had his top off. From all the compliments that were made about his figure, a female comedian Lee Gyeong-sil made a remark, stating, “You see that valley between his chest. If water was dripping down his chest from his Adam’s apple, that water becomes holy water. Females just want to fall into that valley of his.”
This sparked a major controversy in online communities. Many people were expressing negative views on her remark, saying “That’s sexual harassment.” Despite her response to the reception of her statement saying that she was only making a joke, many still pointed out on the sensitivity of the topic.
Lee Seung-gi

Is Lee Seung-gi married into a criminal family?

After the announcement of marriage, Lee Seung-gi was claimed that many people had suffered from stock price manipulation in connection with his wife’s mother, Kyeon Mi-ri’s husband’s business. Later, when various rumors circulated online, Kyeon Mi-ri’s said, “The stock price manipulation case has nothing to do with Kyeon Mi-ri and her husband. Mi-ri Kyeon and her husband are clear victims of a multi-level scam.”