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By Published On: February 19th, 2023

Lee Je-hoon got sexual harassment by Female Comedian

Many celebrities, including the hosts of popular radio show “SBS CulTwo” were all about the 2nd season of a popular drama “Taxi Driver”. A still cut from the show was released, where the lead actor Lee Je-hoon had his top off. From all the compliments that were made about his figure, a female comedian Lee Gyeong-sil made a remark, stating, “You see that valley between his chest. If water was dripping down his chest from his Adam’s apple, that water becomes holy water. Females just want to fall into that valley of his.”
This sparked a major controversy in online communities. Many people were expressing negative views on her remark, saying “That’s sexual harassment.” Despite her response to the reception of her statement saying that she was only making a joke, many still pointed out on the sensitivity of the topic.