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By Published On: 8 months ago

RIIZE’s Seunghan Decides on ‘Indefinite Suspension’ of Activities Amid Privacy Controversy

RIIZE’s Seunghan Decides on ‘Indefinite Suspension’ of Activities Amid Privacy Controversy

RIIZE member Seunghan, who was embroiled in a privacy controversy, has decided to ‘indefinitely suspend’ his activities.

On the 22nd, RIIZE’s agency, SM Entertainment, officially addressed Seunghan’s situation.

Seunghan has been involved in a privacy controversy from just before RIIZE’s debut in September until recently, with related videos and photos being leaked on social media. Some fans even demanded Seunghan’s departure from RIIZE.

In response, SM Entertainment stated, “Due to the recent issues related to the unauthorized leakage and spreading of his personal life through SNS and online communities, Seunghan is sincerely sorry and reflects on causing disappointment and confusion to the team, members, and fans.”

The agency further mentioned, “As a result of the mental burden and sense of responsibility Seunghan feels, he has decided to suspend activities for the sake of the team after deep contemplation.”

SM stated, “Given the circumstances, it is deemed difficult to continue activities, and we respect Seunghan’s opinion of not wanting to cause any more harm to the team and members, so we decided on an indefinite suspension of activities.”

Additionally, they informed, “RIIZE will now be active with the remaining 6 members from today (22nd).”

SM expressed deep apologies to the fans, acknowledging shortcomings in artist management and urging understanding.

SM stated, “The videos and photos currently being leaked and spread were taken during the pre-debut trainee period in private times. They have been intentionally re-edited multiple times, using specific videos to capture screenshots, leading to misunderstandings.”

They added, “The unauthorized leakers and spreaders of these videos and photos have employed malicious methods, including creating non-existent messenger conversations and baseless false facts, to spread fabricated and distorted information, seriously damaging the artist’s reputation. Upon recognizing these facts, we immediately monitored and collected substantial evidence, and plan to file a criminal complaint with the police this afternoon.”

SM emphasized that they would take strong action against all secondary harmful actions without any compromise or leniency, aiming to protect the artist, the team, and fans who love the team.

After SM’s statement, Seunghan personally addressed the situation by posting an apology letter on the global fan community platform Weverse.