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By Published On: 10 months ago

Recent Updates on Former BigBang Member SEUNGRI

SEUNGRI, a former member of the popular K-pop group Big Bang, has recently come under the spotlight due to reports of his current activities.

On the 10th, an online community post with the title ‘SEUNGRI is still going to clubs’ surfaced. The post included a picture of a man who appeared to be enjoying himself at a club.

The author of the post claimed that the man in the photo is none other than SEUNGRI, a former member of Big Bang. In response, netizens have been expressing various opinions, including criticisms such as “people never change,” “he hasn’t learned his lesson,” “he still hasn’t gotten his act together,” and “did he think he wouldn’t go to clubs?”

This is not the first time that SEUNGRI’s private life has made headlines since his release. In March, he was caught up in dating rumors with influencer and model Yoo Hye-won. There were reports of the two enjoying a vacation in Bangkok, where they were seen sharing affectionate moments and creating a sweet atmosphere as a couple.

Despite the dating rumors, both SEUNGRI and Yoo Hye-won remained tight-lipped. Previously, Yoo Hye-won had also accompanied SEUNGRI to the place of his enlistment in March 2021.

Even after his release, SEUNGRI’s life seems to have remained somewhat unchanged. There have been occasional reports of his involvement in nightlife activities. It is well-known that he has reached out to friends, suggesting, “Let’s go to a club.” As a central figure in the “Burning Sun gate” scandal, SEUNGRI has faced legal consequences, but his enthusiasm for the club scene appears undiminished.