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By Published On: 8 months ago

“Promoting Indonesian Culture Widely”… Indonesian K-pop Group StarBe Aims for the Spotlight

Shella, a member of StarBe, expressed her thoughts after participating in K-pop training, stating, “‘We want to become like Indonesia’s Blackpink. We want to enjoy the stage just like them.”

On the 30th of August, the Indonesian group StarBe, consisting of members Abel, Chelsea, Kezia, and Shella, who were selected as part of the 2023 Co-Growth Stepping Stone Project, held a press conference for Korean media at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

StarBe debuted as a group in 2019 and is composed of Kezia (21), Abel (21), Shella (21), and Chelsea (19). Their popularity has been on the rise, with their hit song “Touch The Sky,” released in October last year, amassing over a million views on YouTube.

Having arrived in Korea on the 1st of the month, StarBe is now in their third year since debut and has been selected for the 2023 Co-Growth Stepping Stone Project. Kezia shared, “We want to let people know that StarBe comes from Indonesia. We want to become a group that is widely recognized around the world.”

Chelsea added, “We all love dance and rap and have learned a lot through K-pop.” She also mentioned that all the members of StarBe are fans of K-pop groups.

StarBe was chosen as participants for the “2023 Co-Growth Stepping Stone” project, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange. This project, now in its third year, invites emerging artists from selected countries to Korea for training, aiming to foster international cultural exchange within the mass culture industry.

During the entire month of August, StarBe underwent idol training in Korea. When asked about the differences between training in Indonesia and Korea, Abel replied, “The systems themselves are different. In Korea, we practice all day in the practice room. Additionally, the dances in Indonesia and Korea are quite different.”

StarBe’s upcoming new song is titled “BANG,” and it is set to make its debut at the Asian Song Festival on the 8th of next month. “BANG” is a unique blend of K-pop and Indonesian pop, characterized by its intense and hip sound, coupled with an addictive melody.

On the 2nd of September, along with the release of their new song “BANG,” StarBe will embark on their journey within the “2023 Co-Growth Stepping Stone” project, including participation in the Asian Song Festival.