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By Published On: 7 months ago

Police have summoned actor Lee Sun-kyun for the second time on November 4 in an ongoing investigation.

Police have summoned actor Lee Sun-kyun for the second time on November 4 in an ongoing investigation. In contrast, G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong), who faces drug-related allegations, has chosen to voluntarily attend a police inquiry on November 6.

According to legal sources, the police, after the initial summons, conducted a drug test on Lee Sun-kyun, which came back “negative.” However, this test can only cover a period of about 10 days in the past. To assess his history further, the police have sent Lee Sun-kyun’s hair and urine samples to the National Forensic Service for an expedited analysis.

The police aim to gather Lee Sun-kyun’s statement before the comprehensive results from the National Forensic Service are available. The decision on whether to apply for an arrest warrant will depend on Lee Sun-kyun’s acknowledgment of the allegations and the frequency of drug use.

On the other hand, K-pop superstar G-Dragon, a member of the group BIGBANG, has announced that he will voluntarily attend the police inquiry and provide hair and urine samples on November 6. G-Dragon’s legal representative, Attorney Kim Soo-hyun of Kwon & Company, stated that G-Dragon is taking this proactive step to facilitate a swift and fair investigation.

Attorney Kim also emphasized the importance of responsible reporting in the media to avoid causing irreversible harm to Kwon Ji-yong, a leading K-pop artist, through the spread of baseless and speculative information. G-Dragon has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, denying any involvement in drug use or violating drug laws.

Earlier this month, G-Dragon was booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics crime investigation unit on suspicion of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics. This has garnered significant media attention.

G-Dragon has repeatedly denied the allegations, insisting he has never used drugs and is unrelated to the news reports on violations of narcotics laws. He has also sought legal representation and expressed his desire to resolve the situation quickly through cooperation with the investigation.