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By Published On: 7 months ago

Police have reportedly investigated and booked entertainer G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong) on drug-related charges.

Seoul, South Korea – The South Korean police have officially booked G-Dragon, the former leader of the popular group Big Bang, on drug-related charges. This development is separate from the ongoing drug usage case of actor Lee Sun-kyun. G-Dragon had previously faced allegations of marijuana smoking back in 2011 but received a suspension of indictment. In the current investigation, police are looking into eight individuals linked to Lee Sun-kyun’s case. Lee Sun-kyun himself has been booked under the Narcotics Control Act on charges related to marijuana and ecstasy. Additionally, the operator of an entertainment venue in Gangnam, known to be frequented by Lee Sun-kyun and identified as “B,” has been arrested on ecstasy-related charges. “B” is also facing accusations of extorting 350 million won from Lee Sun-kyun. Another employee of the entertainment venue has been booked, and five other individuals, including a third-generation chaebol, a composer, and aspiring singers, are currently under investigation. The police have refrained from disclosing further details related to the celebrity suspect at this time.