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By Published On: 8 months ago

Over 30% of the viewership of Korean YouTube content comes from oversea

Over 30% of the viewership of Korean YouTube content comes from overseas, according to recent findings. Additionally, there are over 800 Korean YouTube channels with more than one million subscribers.

At the ‘Google for Korea 2023’ event held on the 21st, with a focus on “Google’s role in supporting digital innovation and the export of K-content,” Gautam Anand, the YouTube Vice President for the Asia-Pacific region, shared insights into the status of Korean content on YouTube.

Anand mentioned, “Last year, the number of Korean content channels increased by 25% compared to the previous year,” and he emphasized, “Today, a tremendous amount of high-quality Korean content is being produced, introducing itself to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.” He also noted, “Korean content is being loved internationally, and YouTube is proudly becoming a crucial gateway for Korean creators to enter the global stage,” adding, “In fact, 81% of Korean YouTube creators responded that YouTube is an important platform.”

Anand stated, “YouTube also plays a role in fostering new creativity and business growth in Korea. Through YouTube, it is easy to grow to a global level,” and he highlighted, “The contribution effect on the Korean ecosystem amounts to 2.5 trillion won.”