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By Published On: February 24th, 2023

OMEGA X Resumes Activity, Still In Trouble… Funds Themselves From Own Pockets

Omega X, after filing a request for suspension of the exclusive contract with their former agency, Spire Entertainment, has been able to continue their entertainment activities as per usual, and kicked off their return at the “30th Hanteo Music Awards 2022” on the 12th of last month.

However, due to ongoing legal disputes, it was revealed that the group has been operating on a self-sufficient basis, funding themselves for their own activities. Although the manager who left the former agency alongside Omega X is arranging their schedules, the group does not have a dormitory or practice room, making it difficult to continue their activities. It was reported that the eleven members’ parents collectively accumulated the money to cover the costs for styling, makeup, and costume rental for the “30th Hanteo Music Awards 2022.”