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By Published On: 11 months ago

Olivia Rodrigo removed YENA’s MV

There is growing interest in the background behind the decision to make the music video for singer Choi Yena’s (YENA) new song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ private, amidst controversy surrounding the title.

Even before the release of the new song, there was controversy surrounding the title. According to sources, due to the controversy surrounding Choi Yena’s song title, the Rodrigo team requested to make the music video private.

In addition, it has been reported that there were copyright issues with certain scenes in the music video, which ultimately led to the unavoidable decision of taking it down.

Regarding this matter, a representative from Choi Yena’s agency, We Hae Entertainment, stated to Xports News, “We are currently verifying the situation.”

The song itself portrays Choi Yena’s jealousy and admiration towards the popular pop star Olivia Rodrigo. By incorporating Olivia Rodrigo’s name into the title and using the word ‘Hate’ with a negative connotation, there were concerns raised by some about the song’s implications. However, Choi Yena has explained it as “an opposite expression.”