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By Published On: March 21st, 2023

NMIXX Withdrawal Jinni, 450,000↑ immediately after the channel was launched↑.. Returning to the entertainment industry

In December last year, JYP Entertainment announced Genie’s withdrawal from NMIXX and the termination of its exclusive contract, saying, “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to many fans due to the sudden news.” According to the agency, the reason is personal matters.

As a result, NMIXX continued its activities as a six-player. The agency said, “We ask for a lot of encouragement to Jinni who has embarked on a new path, and to the six members who will walk towards their dreams with more growth, please give your warm support.”

Jinni has been a trainee for a long time since 2015, and fans were shocked when she debuted with NMIXX in February 2022 and left the label less than a year after her career.

In the midst of this, attention is being paid to whether Jinni is returning to the entertainment industry by opening a personal channel. Within a day, the channel had surpassed 450,000 users.