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By Published On: 12 months ago

NewJeans Tops ‘Billboard 200’ Chart One Year After Debut

NewJeans has achieved the number one spot on the prestigious U.S. Billboard Main Album chart just one year after their debut. According to the latest Billboard chart on the 2nd (local time), NewJeans’ mini 2nd album “Get Up” secured the top position on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart. The only female groups to reach the top of Billboard 200 in the past 15 years are NewJeans and BLACKPINK.

The ‘Billboard 200’ ranking is determined by combining traditional album sales, streaming equivalent albums (SEA), and track equivalent albums (TEA), which is calculated from digital music downloads. “Get Up” sold 101,500 copies in the U.S., with SEA figures reaching 24,500 and TEA at 500.

All three title tracks included in the album also entered the ‘Hot 100’ chart. “Super Shy” ranked 48th, “ETA” and “Cool With You” secured the 81st and 93rd positions, respectively. The ‘Hot 100′ chart aggregates single and digital music sales, streaming, YouTube views, and other metrics.

NewJeans’ presence on the Billboard chart confirms their soaring popularity both domestically and internationally. Since their debut, they have garnered attention for their bright and natural image as teenage girls rather than following a complex concept. They have been in the spotlight for their music, music videos, dance, and fashion choices from the very beginning.

Their concepts, such as outfits and hairstyles, have a retro vibe, while their music skillfully incorporates trending genres like ‘UK Garage’ and ‘Jersey Club,’ popular worldwide. Although NewJeans’ mainstream recognition may not be as high as other groups, they collaborated with talented producers like 250 and hip-hop artists like KIM XIMYA and Beenzino for their album. The catchy and unique lyrics repeating “What’s your ETA?” in their hit song “ETA” were composed by 250 and written by Beenzino.

NewJeans continues to shine with their broad musical spectrum and has proven that they are a rising star in both domestic and international markets.