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By Published On: 9 months ago

NewJeans is receiving enthusiastic praise and recognition from prestigious overseas media outlets.

On the 24th, the renowned American publication Pitchfork awarded NewJeans a remarkable score of 7.6 in their review of the mini 2nd album ‘Get Up,’ declaring them as “the most intriguing KPOP artist today” and giving them the second-highest score ever among K-POP albums.

Pitchfork is globally recognized for its stringent music evaluations and holds significant authority in the field of music criticism. NewJeans’ score of 7.6 surpasses recent albums by chart-toppers Morgan Wallen (4.1) and Taylor Swift (7.5) on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ and ‘Billboard 200.’

According to Pitchfork’s analysis, NewJeans’ music exhibits a light and transparent sound with expressive vocals that exude a sense of ease. Their music videos and choreography diverge from the traditional flashy and cute KPOP style, opting for a more approachable and natural feel.

Pitchfork further praised NewJeans, singling out the song “ETA,” one of the triple title tracks, for its cozy and intimate charm. They lauded how NewJeans’ music fosters a sense of closeness, breaking down the listener’s barriers and creating an open and vulnerable atmosphere.

Even the Recording Academy, which hosts the prestigious Grammy Awards, has taken notice of NewJeans., on the 22nd, selected NewJeans as one of the “10 KPOP Rookie Girl Groups to Watch in 2023” and expressed their pride in observing them, stating that “no one can resist these emerging and extraordinary girls of KPOP.” They also quoted NME’s declaration that “no one can fault the mesmerizing girls (NewJeans) who are rising in KPOP.” Previously, NME had given NewJeans’ mini 2nd album ‘Get Up’ a perfect five-star rating, praising all six tracks as flawless.

Additionally, on the 24th, Billboard released its chart rankings based on data from July 14th to 20th. Among the triple title tracks of NewJeans’ mini 2nd album ‘Get Up,’ ‘Super Shy’ secured the 5th spot on the ‘Global 200’ chart and the 3rd spot on the ‘Global (excluding the US)’ chart. After entering the charts at the 2nd position last week, NewJeans continued to secure a prominent place in the top tier for the second consecutive week.