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By Published On: 7 months ago

New Jeans’ “Get Up” and August D’s “D-Day” Recognized on Rolling Stone’s “Best Albums of 2023”

New Jeans’ “Get Up” and August D’s “D-Day” secured the 33rd and 69th positions, respectively, on Rolling Stone’s “The 100 Best Albums of 2023,” announced on November 30 (local time). These are the only K-pop albums included in the chart.

Notably, New Jeans, following their debut album “New Jeans” last year, has consecutively made it to Rolling Stone’s “Best Albums of the Year” for two years in a row.

Rolling Stone introduced “Get Up” by stating, “The five-member group, who stormed K-pop in 2022 with their debut, has returned more sophisticatedly with their second EP. ‘Get Up’ evokes nostalgia with Y2K-era R&B and UK Garage/Drum and Bass sounds.” They praised New Jeans for their catchy hooks and a simultaneous retro and futuristic feel, asserting that New Jeans is a strong contender compared to other pop songs this year.

The album was featured in The New York Times’ “Best Albums of 2023,” released on November 30, as well as in British GQ’s “The Best Albums of 2023,” announced on November 27.

In addition, Rolling Stone shared its thoughts on August D’s third album, “D-Day,” stating, “It is a densely packed 10-track collection that lyrically explores the concept of whether freedom is a blessing or a curse. The dual theme of the robust ‘haegum,’ a traditional Korean instrument, wrapping around ‘liberation,’ is thought-provoking. ‘Haegum’ can also be translated as ‘liberation.’ August D untangles themes of compliance, the trap of ‘success,’ and information overload using lively and bouncing rhythms.”