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By Published On: February 28th, 2023

NCT To Halt Expansion → Artist Life Planning… SM 3.0 Plans Revealed

SM Entertainment (hereafter referred to as SM) made an announcement to fans supporting SM artists through their official YouTube channel on the 24th.

First, SM mentioned four additional measures to protect their artists, in addition to their efforts to protect their artists from malicious posts. These include: ▲ launching a site specifically designed to report malicious posts about artists “Gwang-Ya 119” (tentative name) in the first half of the year ▲ the introduction of a fake news filtering feature with artificial intelligence ▲ measures to block malicious users on the platform, and ▲ strengthening punishment for malicious content.

In addition, Lee Sung-soo, the CEO of SM, explained three plans as part of their SM 3.0 strategy, including: ▲ doing their best to disclose and implement future artist activities and plans ▲ preparing unbiased content for all artists based on the operation of the multi-production center under SM 3.0, and ▲ the end of the “infinite expansion” of NCT with NCT Tokyo team in accordance with changes in the NCT activity system.

Furthermore, Tak Yeong-jun, the CEO, stated that they are considering creating a special department composed of experienced individuals in cooperation with a security firm to deal with the danger and disorderly behaviour of some fans and establishing policies accordingly.