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By Published On: 8 months ago

Lim Young-woong’s popularity… A dedicated call center has been established

In anticipation of singer Lim Young Woong’s nationwide tour, ticketing company Interpark Ticket has established a dedicated customer service hotline named the “Lim Young Woong Nationwide Tour Customer Center,” marking the first time a ticketing company has set up such a center exclusively for a specific artist.

Interpark Ticket, the ticket provider for Lim Young Woong’s nationwide concert “2023 I’m a Hero,” opened this dedicated customer service hotline ahead of the Seoul concert, which begins at 8 p.m. on the 14th.

This hotline, separate from the company’s general customer service line, is exclusively for Lim Young Woong fans. Even on the general customer service line, pressing 0 will immediately connect callers to the personnel responsible for the Lim Young Woong nationwide tour concert.

While dedicated phone lines have been set up in the past for partners and venues, having a specific phone number established solely for a particular artist or concert is a first. This decision was made to provide more accurate guidance, especially considering that the audience for Lim Young Woong’s concerts spans various age groups, and some may be less familiar with mobile notifications and information.

Lim Young Woong has gained immense popularity across genders and generations. Last year’s nationwide tour, including the encore concert held at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome, attracted over 240,000 attendees. With sold-out shows at every stop, fans even jokingly suggested that future concerts should be held in the plains of Honam.

Given the fierce competition for tickets during last year’s tour, expectations and interest in this year’s performances are high. The scale of the concerts has also expanded. The Seoul concert will take place at the Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome (formerly the gymnastics arena) for a whopping six days. The KSPO Dome can accommodate up to 15,000 people and is considered a top-tier venue primarily accessible to “first-tier” idol groups. Lim Young Woong will grace this stage for six days, expecting to meet up to 90,000 “Heroes.”

Fans vying for their spot among the 90,000 available seats have been making swift inquiries through the dedicated Lim Young Woong customer service hotline, even before ticket sales officially open, hinting at another round of intense ticketing competition.