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By Published On: 7 months ago

Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro, come together in the series “Things that Come After Love.”

The actors Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro, representing South Korea and Japan, respectively, come together in the series “Things that Come After Love.”

The Coupang Play series, “Things that Come After Love,” tells the story of ‘Hong’ (played by Lee Se-young), who meets ‘Jungo’ (Sakaguchi Kentaro) during her studies in Japan. After experiencing a poignant love and separation, they reunite in Korea after five years, unfolding a “fateful love” story.

This work is based on the novel “Things that Come After Love,” which received much love for its emotional portrayal of love and separation between a man and a woman. The original novel, co-authored by popular Korean writer Gong Ji-young and Tsuji Hitonari, known for balancing coolness and passion, garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally upon its release.

The Coupang Play series “Things that Come After Love” is expected to be a heartwarming classic melodrama, combining the already validated story with the meeting of Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro. Lee Se-young takes on the role of ‘Hong,’ who is overwhelmed with emotions upon reuniting with her once deeply loved man, ‘Jungo.’

Sakaguchi Kentaro, who has already received much love from Korean fans, will portray ‘Jungo,’ carrying the wounds of regret. His exceptional romance acting is anticipated to stand out. Additionally, the locations spanning Korea and Japan, along with exotic scenes, are expected to vividly depict the story of “Things that Come After Love.”

Lee Se-young expressed, “It’s an honor to participate in a work based on a novel that I’ve always liked. I will do my best to portray the feelings of someone looking at ‘love.’ I also look forward to the chemistry with actor Sakaguchi Kentaro. I will strive to create a good piece.”

Sakaguchi Kentaro also shared his excitement, saying, “I am very much looking forward to working with the Korean staff. I am happy to meet the excellent actress Lee Se-young in a beautiful melodrama. ”

Director Moon Hyun-seong, in charge of the production, stated, “I am pleased to direct an adaptation of a work that delicately depicts ‘love.’ I will do my best to ensure that the delicate story the two protagonists build resonates with the viewers’ hearts.”