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By Published On: 10 months ago

Korean Netizens React to Chinese Member of a Korean Girl Group Opening Weibo Account

On the 13th (local time), Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment reported an article titled “Korean Netizens No Longer Want Chinese Members in Korean Girl Groups” discussing a heated argument that took place on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

The Chinese member referred to by the media is Ningning from the girl group aespa, who opened her Weibo account on the 11th. Korean netizens speculated that Ningning was preparing to return to China.

The media outlet claimed, “Korean netizens consider such actions as ‘betrayal.’ Some even appealed for Korean girl groups to exclude Chinese members.” They further explained that the main reason for Ningning’s Weibo account was her desire to participate in variety programs and activities in China.

The article also mentioned that Korean idol groups choose foreign members to expand into overseas markets, with China being the largest market. Therefore, Korean entertainment agencies should not give up on the Chinese market and should invest special attention. As evidence, they pointed out that over 800,000 copies of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo album, out of the total 1.3 million copies sold, were sold in China.

Despite these facts, Korean netizens still perceive Chinese-origin celebrities who debuted in Korea as belonging solely to Korea. They expressed greater resentment towards Japanese- and American-origin foreigners who left Korea.

Meanwhile, during a live broadcast on the fan communication platform Weverse, BTS’s Suga revealed his thoughts when a fan asked about touring in China. He said, “China tour? How can we perform in China when we can’t? Are there any Korean singers performing in China right now? Probably not. We can’t perform in China.” He expressed his own desire, saying, “I want to do it too. I want to perform anywhere with our ARMY.”

Recent incidents, such as singer Jung Yonghwa’s canceled appearance on a Chinese variety show, HyunA’s canceled concerts in China, and actress Choo Ja-hyun’s elimination from a Chinese audition program, have led to speculation about a resumption of the “Hallyu Ban” (restrictions on Korean celebrities in China).