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By Published On: 9 months ago

KINA’s Return: FIFTY FIFTY to Recruit New Members for the 2nd Generation of ‘4-Member’ Lineup

With KINA’s solo return to their agency, ATTRAKT, the prospects of a new lineup for the 2nd generation of FIFTY FIFTY with a 4-member configuration have gained attention.
ATTRAKT, the group’s agency, has recently decided to reorganize FIFTY FIFTY with KINA at the center. The 2nd generation of FIFTY FIFTY will also maintain a 4-member lineup, preserving the group’s originality.
FIFTY FIFTY garnered attention after their debut in November of last year when their single “Cupid” climbed to the 17th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart just five months later, despite being under a small- to mid-sized agency, ATTRAKT. They were hailed as a “small to mid-sized miracle” for this achievement.However, their happiness was short-lived. In June of this year, four members applied for a suspension of the exclusive contract with their agency, citing a breakdown of trust. The situation was further complicated as public opinion was divided, given the clear stance of both sides.Subsequently, the court rejected FIFTY FIFTY’s request for a suspension of the exclusive contract against ATTRAKT, effectively siding with the agency. The FIFTY FIFTY members expressed their intention to appeal the decision. However, KINA’s recent return to ATTRAKT marked a new phase in this ongoing saga.The remaining three members’ appeals were also rejected, and on October 19th, ATTRAKT officially terminated the exclusive contracts of the three members: Saena, Sio, and Aran. ATTRAKT released a statement saying, “We have taken action against these members for their serious contract violations and their lack of remorse.”KINA later claimed through the media that ATTRAKT’s CEO, Ahn Sung-il, had engaged in gaslighting. Currently, KINA is taking some time for reflection and has returned to their residence in Seoul from their hometown of Daejeon, according to an industry insider.So, why did ATTRAKT decide to revamp FIFTY FIFTY for the 2nd generation, “KINA’s mother’s comment swayed Ahn Sung-il, the CEO. The decision to reject the request for suspension of the exclusive contract between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT was made on August 28th. However, KINA’s mother commented that KINA would return in early August. It’s not that KINA returned after the rejection but that KINA had already made up their mind to return. Moreover, KINA had been persuading the members since July, and these were the main reasons behind the decision to reorganize the team.”Additionally, the source added, “The fact that FIFTY FIFTY was nominated for the Billboard Music Awards also seems to have reignited Ahn Sung-il’s enthusiasm for FIFTY FIFTY. It appears he wants to breathe new life into the group.”

FIFTY FIFTY is nominated for Top Duo/Group and Top Global K-POP Song at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, which will be held on the 19th (local time). Since there is a high likelihood that the offline event will not take place due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, ATTRAKT stated that, “Whether it’s in-person or remote, if a request comes, KINA plans to attend the award ceremony.”