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By Published On: March 31st, 2023

Kim Woo-bin x Song Seung-heon x Esom … “Black Knight” To Be Released May 12th

The Netflix series ‘Black Knight’ will be released worldwide on May 12th.

Set in a future Korean peninsula where severe air pollution makes it impossible to survive without an oxygen respirator, ‘Delivery Knight’ depicts the story of a legendary delivery man named ‘5-8’ and a refugee named ‘Sawol’ as they confront a powerful group that dominates the new world. The series confirmed its release on May 12th and unveiled its second teaser poster.

‘Black Knight’ tells the story of delivery men who risk their lives to make deliveries for the survival of all in a society where class divisions have become even more distinct due to environmental destruction caused by air pollution.

The series features Kim Woo-bin as the legendary delivery man ‘5-8’, Song Seung-heon as the heir to the powerful group ‘Cheonmyung’, Kang Yu-seok as the refugee who admires ‘5-8’ named ‘Sawol’, and Esom as the army intelligence officer ‘Seol-ah’. The show offers a unique narrative and synergy of characters surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.