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By Published On: March 15th, 2023

“K-Pop too exploitative,” foreign media asks… RM: “Isn’t Western colonialism exploitative?”

The interview began by shedding light on the shadows of the K-Pop industry, which has recently grown dazzlingly worldwide. When the reporter asked, “Is the K-Pop idol system inhumane?” RM replied, “We don’t have much time for ourselves, but that’s what makes K-Pop shine. From our 20s to 30s, we invested all our energy and time in BTS.”

He confirmed what the question was and when the same question was asked again, he replied, “The company doesn’t like me answering this question because I partly agree with it.”

He added, “That makes it partially a special industry. And in terms of contracts, money, and education, the situation has improved a lot.”

When asked if the worship of youth and perfection and excessive effort are Korean cultural characteristics, he continued to give a characteristic wise answer, mentioning Korea’s historical context.

RM said, “Westerners may not understand it. Korea is a country that has been invaded, devastated, and divided,” and added, “just 70 years ago, there was nothing. We received help from the IMF and UN.”

He emphasized, “But now everyone is looking at Korea. How did this happen? It’s because Koreans are working hard to improve themselves.”

He also pointed out, “While living in a country like France or England that has created colonies over centuries, I feel like I’m giving myself too much burden. Isn’t life in Korea too stressful?”

He explained, “Well, that’s true. But that’s one of the factors that make K-Pop attractive. Of course, there are shadows, but there are side effects to everything that happens quickly and strongly.”

Sensitive questions arose again. When the reporter asked, “Are you tired of the ‘K-‘ label?” RM replied, “I might get tired of the word K-Pop on Spotify, but it’s a premium label,” and added, “a quality guarantee that our ancestors worked hard to achieve.”