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By Published On: 1 month ago

IVE, MONSTA X, and CRAVITY Official YouTube Accounts Hacked; Agency Working on Recovery

IVE, MONSTA X, and CRAVITY’s official YouTube accounts have been hacked. On the 4th, Starship Entertainment stated, “We are currently working with YouTube to address the hacking issue with the artists’ official channels. We will do our best to restore all content as soon as possible.”

The agency further added, “We ask for your understanding regarding the sudden inconvenience in channel usage.” The affected channels include IVE with 3.38 million subscribers, MONSTA X with 2.57 million subscribers, and CRAVITY with 790,000 subscribers.

After the hacking incident, the channel names were changed to ‘SpaceX,’ and most of the existing videos were set to private, rendering them unavailable. During the hack, a live video titled “Elon Musk: SpaceX Crew-8 Launch! Gives update on Starship!” was broadcasted, but currently, the channels display a message stating, ‘There is no content on the channel.’

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