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By Published On: February 24th, 2023

Is It All Downhill From Here For “Veteran” Actor Yoo Ah-In?

Powerful weapons has come back as even more powerful risks.

Netflix and the film industry are experiencing severe distress due to actor Yoo Ah-In, known for his role in the massively successful film “Veteran”, and his drug scandal.

According to the police and other authorities on Feb. 23rd, actor Yoo Ah-In (real name: Um Hong-Sik, 37), who is under investigation for drug use, was since tested positive for propofol in his hair follicle after marijuana.

Yoo Ah-In, who has been banned from leaving the country, is currently waiting for contact from the police. Yoo Ah-in’s agency UAA stated on the 8th, “Yoo Ah-In recently underwent a police investigation related to propofol. We are fully cooperating with all related investigations and will explain any problematic issues. We apologize for the concern.” Since the police investigation has not yet been completed, no additional statements have been released at this time.

The film industry, OTT (online video service), and advertising industry, which have been affected by Yoo Ah-In’s risk, are facing a crisis. Netflix was planning to release three of Yoo Ah-in’s starring works this year. They were preparing to release the movie “The Match” (directed by Kim Hyung-Ju) and the drama series “Goodbye Earth” (written by Jung Sung-Ju and directed by Kim Jin-Min).

The police plan to summon Yoo Ah-in as a suspect after investigating whether he has a history of further drug use.