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By Published On: 7 months ago

In just four episodes, JTBC’s weekend drama ‘Strong Woman Gangnam Soon’ has achieved an impressive 10% viewership rating.

The show’s success can be attributed to a combination of talented actors, a skillful writer, and effective direction. The story revolves around three generations of extraordinary women tackling a new type of drug-related crime in Gangnam. With the show generating buzz and strong characters portrayed by Yoo Mi, Kim Jung Eun, and Kim Hae Sook, it’s expected to climb even higher in the ratings, surpassing JTBC’s top 10 list. The drama’s unique blend of melodrama, comedy, and action keeps viewers engaged, and the well-developed characters are both entertaining and relatable. Additionally, it maintains a brisk pace, making it easy for anyone to follow, and the comedic timing, as well as performances by actors like Ong Seong Woo, Byun Woo Suk, Young Tak, Joo Woo Jae, and Park Kyung Ri, add to the overall charm.