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By Published On: 7 months ago

HYBE and Gefen Records have selected the final six members for the global girl group ‘KATSEYE’

HYBE and Gefen Records have concluded the 12-week audition program ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’ by selecting the final six members for the global girl group ‘KATSEYE.’ The members, Sophia (Philippines), Lara (USA), Yoonchae (Korea), Megan (USA), Daniella (USA), and Manon (Switzerland), will debut under the name ‘KATSEYE.’ The group’s debut was announced during the live finale held at Hollywood XR Studio on the 18th. The Dream Academy, a collaboration between HYBE and Gefen Records, showcased original songs, including ‘Girls Don’t Like,’ ‘Dirty Water,’ and ‘All the Same.’ The finale stage was evaluated by Mitra Darab HxG CEO, Son Sung-Deuk HxG Chief Creator, and Charlie Christie Interscope A&R and Marketing Deputy Head, who decided on the final members. Sophia, the first selected member, expressed her gratitude, and Yoonchae, a Korean participant, tearfully shared her happiness about the unexpected debut. The group name ‘KATSEYE’ was chosen by the participants and holds special meaning. The members are now gearing up for their official debut, and a documentary chronicling their growth story will be released on Netflix next year.