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By Published On: March 29th, 2023

(G)I-DLE And Nature… How They Survive As 6-Year-Old K-Pop Groups

(G)I-DLE and Nature are showing outstanding performances among six-year-old girl groups.

(G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua) and Nature (Sohee, Saebom, Lu, Chaebin, Haru, Yuchae, Sunshine, Aurora, Loha) debuted in 2018 and have now entered their sixth year.

This year, which is considered the starting point of the fourth-generation idol, has seen a large number of girl groups debut in the music industry, including project group IZ*ONE, Saturday, LOONA, DreamNote, GWSN, NeonPunch, KAN, Girlkind, Sha Sha, Cherry On Top, Camila, TropiCal, Weeekly, and Shapelra.

However, many of these groups have not continued their activities due to disputes with their agencies or a lack of competitiveness. The fact that there were many girl groups produced by small and medium-sized planning agencies also had an impact. An entertainment agency official analyzed that “the absence of capital and management ability would have made it difficult for them to have longevity.”

(G)I-DLE and Nature are the groups that have shown the most significant presence among them. The biggest success factor for these two groups in the industry is their strong financial backing. (G)I-DLE is under Cube Entertainment, while Nature is under n.CH, both of which are mid-sized planning agencies that have both idol production know-how and financial power.

Cube Entertainment is a company that has not only produced but also maintained successful groups such as BEAST/Highlight, 4Minute, BTOB, CLC, and Pentagon. NH Entertainment is an entertainment agency led by CEO Jung Chang-hwan, who is also from SM Entertainment, and many SM alumni are also working there. Recently, they solidified their company’s color by hiring composer Yoo Han-jin.

While their agencies’ power is important, their success can also be attributed to their strategic planning. (G)I-DLE has established their place as a girl group by showcasing their rare ability to write, compose, and produce their own music. From their debut song “LATATA” to their most recent release “Lxde,” most of their chart-topping songs were written, composed, and arranged by member Soyeon.

A Cube Entertainment representative stated that “because they express their own stories through music and participate directly in the production process, they have a high understanding of the songs and concepts, which leads to a strong connection with fans.”

Nature has shown adaptability in the K-pop market by showcasing various colors, from their innocent and lively concept with the greeting “We’ll Make You Feel Good” to their powerful and addictive stages with “Licarecca” and “LIMBO.” Above all, their attitude and sincerity when performing on stage were their absolute strengths.

They have also gained “military support” from fans, which is like a guarantee for success in the industry. NH Entertainment representatives stated that “while it is important to plan content that can keep up with the rapidly changing trends of the public, we believe that it is even more crucial to incorporate a genuine story that can move people’s hearts. Nature constantly strives to present music and content that can catch the public’s attention and does not miss delivering a sincere message that goes beyond just entertainment, which is why they have been successful.”