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By Published On: 7 months ago

G-Dragon may be cleared of drug allegations as the police conclude their investigation.

There’s a prospect that G-Dragon will be cleared of drug allegations, according to the head of the National Investigation Headquarters at the Police Agency in a regular press conference on the 11th. He stated, “We have conducted objective verification and questioned around six witnesses. The investigation is at a stage where we can conclude it as much as possible, and we will announce the results promptly.”

The police initiated an investigation into G-Dragon based on the statement of an entertainment venue manager, A (29), in Gangnam, Seoul, alleging that G-Dragon used drugs at the venue in December of last year. However, G-Dragon tested negative for drugs in urine, hair, and nails. A’s changed statement seems to have worked in G-Dragon’s favor.

A stated during police investigation, “I didn’t see Mr. Kwon (G-Dragon) directly taking drugs,” adding, “Another actor who was with him at the entertainment venue might have done it.” Legal experts had predicted early on that G-Dragon might not face charges.

G-Dragon consistently denied the drug allegations since they first arose. On the same day, he shared a past interview quote on social media: “If it’s a problem for others but not for me, then the answer will be different. If I’m living my life, the current me is the answer. Even if someone sincerely worries about me, no matter how my outward appearance is perceived, what matters most is knowing oneself.”

Meanwhile, the police revealed plans to summon actor Lee Sun-kyun for further investigation into drug use allegations. Regarding Lee’s charges of intimidation against the entertainment venue manager, the police mentioned that more progress in the investigation would be needed before deciding on additional summonses, and no specific date for Lee’s summons has been set.