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By Published On: 8 months ago

Former Spectrum Member, Park Jong-chan, Accused of Illegally Filming a Woman in Her 20s

Park Jong-chan, a former member of the group Spectrum and an actor at the age of 28, has been accused of illegally filming a woman in her 20s.

According to a report on the 4th, Park Jong-chan has been charged with violating the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Crimes (Use of Cameras, etc.) for allegedly illegally filming a woman without her consent.

Reportedly, in late July, Park Jong-chan invited a non-celebrity woman in her 20s, referred to as Ms. A, to his home through social media. He is accused of secretly filming Ms. A’s nude body without her consent.

According to the media report, Ms. A had been drinking heavily at Park Jong-chan’s house and fell asleep. She woke up to the sound of a camera and saw the light, realizing that Park Jong-chan was filming her nude body. Despite being disoriented due to the effects of alcohol, she tried to stop him, waving her hands, and told him not to record. She was afraid that he might distribute the video.

As a result of this incident, Park Jong-chan recently faced humiliation during the editing process of a web drama he had just finished shooting.

It’s worth noting that Park Jong-chan debuted in 2018 as a member of the 7-member boy group Spectrum and is currently active as an actor.