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By Published On: 10 months ago

FIFTY FIFTY, the girl group known as the “miracle of small planning agencies,” is facing its biggest crisis yet.

Amidst a hiatus due to a member’s health issues, external forces have approached them, engaging in illegal activities such as attempting to coerce members to leave the agency without permission.

These facts were brought to light on the 23rd when their agency, Attrakt, released a press statement revealing the current situation. FIFTY FIFTY, who conquered the U.S. Billboard charts within just seven months of their debut, now finds themselves in a potentially disastrous situation.

In response to these circumstances, Jeon Hong-jun, the CEO of Attrakt, disclosed details about the events that transpired after the press release during an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun on the 25th. Jeon Hong-jun stated, “We have received information about the identity of external forces through various channels. It won’t be long before the culprits behind these actions are exposed.” He further added, “The outcome won’t align with the ill intentions of these behind-the-scenes forces. Although it will be a challenging time, we will pursue legal action until the end. As someone who has been involved in the Korean music industry for 30 years, I will fight against injustice and defend our honor.”

Amidst this situation, the ones most affected are undoubtedly the members of FIFTY FIFTY. Jeon Hong-jun also expressed deep concern about this aspect.

He stated, “I am most worried about the members of FIFTY FIFTY, who will continue to suffer from the consequences of this incident. I hope they can return to the agency as soon as possible, heal their wounds, and gradually proceed with the projects they were preparing for, including promotions in the United States.”